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What is “How To RV Academy”

Hi, I’m Bloggin Brandi!

Several years ago, I decided to quit my job, sell my condo, along with everything else I owned, and buy an RV! My first RV was a travel trailer, then I lived the van life. Until I figured out those weren’t the right RV for my lifestyle and budget.

When I started I had no idea how to drive an RV, much less use one. If you’re not sure what the term “Hooking Up” or “Boon-docking” actually means, don’t worry — I didn’t either. Honestly I thought you could travel the world and live for free in an RV. No one told me I would need a generator just to run my air conditioner. Or, that you need things like propane to heat the RV, cook, and take a shower. 

I didn’t even know how to take a shower, use the toilet, or that I needed to have water to use either of these facilities. And then where do you think that all goes?? I’ve dealt with RV insurance claims, RV warranty issues, and even had my RV catch fire.

So, YES I ended up making some BIG RV mistakes along the way that cost me a lot of time and money. After going through all these experiences and living the RV life full time, now I know how to RV like a pro. 

It took me years to find the perfect RV. Now, I just load my smart car in the garage and hit the road. BUT it sure has been a bumpy ride. Which is why I created RVersity a University for RVers and my “How To RV Academy”.

If you want to learn how to RV like a pro without wasting time, money or worse being stuck with a lifetime of debt from one bad decision… JOIN my How To RV Academy where I’m Sharing all of my Tips, Tricks, Tools & Resources for everything I’ve learned Rving!

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